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Complete With Roller Buckles
Originally developed by O.P. Robinette to pack ore from the mines of Central Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Western Montana, the Decker is in use now by many professional outfitters, US Forest Service and Dept. of Interior Packers.

In my Pack Outfit in Hells Canyon, I used the Decker on about 3/4 of my string. The Decker is especially good for packing odd shaped loads, but works equally well with Pack Bags.

Made of the same heavy Hermann Oak harness leather as the Sawbuck, the Decker is built here in our shop one at a time.

Included is the Aparajo Cover of “half-breed” which is stuffed with 1” acrylic felt. Horse hair is best if you have it. Built for those who want the best Decker on the market with top quality design, materials and workmanship throughout.

Shipping Weight 32 lbs

Handmade here in our shop.
Best Design
Best Materials

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